Works great in my workshop without taking up floor space. Was easy to mount to a wall and is very solid.

Strong & compact, easy to install to a bench or wall, the bike repair clamp is the ideal solution

Sturdy steel construction, installation to a bench or wall is quick & easy (mounting hardware is included).


Bike Repair Bench Mount | Bike Workbench Clamp | Bicycle Repair Wall Mount

Suitable for all types of bikes

Original price was: £79.Current price is: £59.


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The bike clamp works with tubes measuring 30mm – 75mm | 1.1″ – 3″, and the bike mechanics stand can hold up to 20kg| 44 lbs.

The bike stand vice clamp arm extends 23cm | 9″ from the bench, easy for repairing and adjusting bikes. and its head has rubber protectors to ensure your bike’s finish is protected.


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  • Color: Black
  • Height: 23cm | 9″
  • Holds: BikeFrame Tubes 30mm to 75mm
  • Material: High-Quality Iron+Plastic
  • Product Weight: 1.4 kg | 3.1lbs
  • Max. Load Capacity: 20 kg | 44 lb

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Original price was: £79.Current price is: £59.

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Easy to Mount

The bike clamp bench mount is secured by four long screws and can be mounted stably and easily. Quick release design allows you to easily assemble work bike stand.

Adjustable Clamp

The bench mount bike repair stand with plastic clamps are sturdy and perform well, Clamp allows for clamping of bike tubes from 30mm to 75mm. Soft non-slip silicone clamp is efficient and non-damaging bicycle paint finish.

Easy to Use

Rotate the upper arm to hold the bike by the vertical seatpost or by the horizontal frame and tighten the various clamp. Sturdy, simple design makes servicing a bicycle a breeze


The bike stand for maintenance is made of iron, durable for long time. suit for commuter bike, mountain bike, road bike.

Space Saving

You can choose to install the bicycle repair stand to the work bench or wall. Plus you can flip it around when you’re not using it so it doesn’t stick out. more convenient to keep at home. also works great as a bow vice, great value.
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What is a Bike Repair Bench Mount, and how does it differ from a Bike Workbench Clamp or Bicycle Repair Wall Mount?
A Bike Repair Bench Mount, also known as a Bike Workbench Clamp or Bicycle Repair Wall Mount, is a specialized device used to securely hold a bicycle in place during repairs and maintenance. While the terms may vary, they essentially refer to the same type of tool with minor differences in design and mounting options. A Bike Repair Bench Mount typically attaches to a workbench or table, while a Bike Workbench Clamp can be clamped onto a workbench or other sturdy surface. A Bicycle Repair Wall Mount, as the name suggests, is mounted directly on a wall.
Why should I invest in a Bike Repair Bench Mount?
Investing in a Bike Repair Bench Mount offers several advantages for bike enthusiasts and mechanics. It provides a dedicated and stable platform for working on your bike, ensuring that it remains securely in place during repairs. With a bench mount, you can position your bike at a comfortable height, allowing easy access to all components. It eliminates the need for makeshift setups and reduces the risk of accidental damage. Whether you’re performing basic maintenance or complex repairs, a bench mount enhances your efficiency and precision, making it an essential tool for bike maintenance.
Can I use a Bike Workbench Clamp for all types of bikes?
Yes, a Bike Workbench Clamp is designed to accommodate various types of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. Most clamps offer adjustable features that allow you to securely hold different frame sizes and styles. This versatility ensures that you can effectively work on your bike, regardless of its specific design.
What are the advantages of a Bicycle Repair Wall Mount?
A Bicycle Repair Wall Mount offers several benefits for bike maintenance. By mounting your bike on the wall, it frees up valuable floor space in your workshop or garage. This can be particularly advantageous for those with limited space. Additionally, a wall-mounted repair stand keeps your bike at eye level, allowing for easy access and reducing strain on your back and neck during repairs. It also provides stability and security, ensuring that your bike remains in place while you work.
Can I use a Bike Repair Bench Mount for other tasks besides bike repairs?
While a Bike Repair Bench Mount is primarily designed for bike repairs and maintenance, its versatility allows you to utilize it for other tasks as well. For example, you can use the mount as a convenient tool for cleaning, lubricating, or even assembling your bike. Additionally, the sturdy clamp or mounting system can provide support for other items, such as holding a workpiece while you work on it. Its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any workshop or garage.
How do I install a Bicycle Repair Wall Mount securely?
To install a Bicycle Repair Wall Mount securely, follow these general steps:

  1. Choose a suitable location on a sturdy wall or stud where you can comfortably work on your bike.
  2. Use a level to ensure that the mount will be installed straight and level.
  3. Mark the positions for the mount’s screw holes on the wall.
  4. Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws using an appropriate drill bit.
  5. Attach the mount to the wall using the provided screws or mounting hardware, making sure they are tightly secured.
  6. Test the mount’s stability by gently applying pressure in different directions.
  7. Mount your bike onto the stand and ensure it is properly secured before starting any repairs.

It’s important to consult the specific instructions provided with your Bicycle Repair Wall Mount for precise installation steps and recommendations.

Are Bike Workbench Clamps portable?
Bike Workbench Clamps are typically not designed to be portable. They are designed to be securely clamped onto a workbench or sturdy surface, providing a stable platform for bike repairs. However, some clamps may offer detachable or foldable features for easy storage and transport, making them more convenient if you need to move or store them when not in use.
Can I use a Bike Repair Bench Mount for heavy repairs or overhauls?
Yes, a Bike Repair Bench Mount is suitable for various levels of repairs, including heavy repairs and overhauls. The sturdy clamping mechanism or mounting system ensures that your bike remains secure and stable, even during more intensive tasks. However, it’s essential to ensure that the mount you choose is appropriate for the specific repairs or overhauls you plan to undertake.
Are Bike Repair Bench Mounts suitable for professional use?
Absolutely! Bike Repair Bench Mounts are widely used by professional bike mechanics and workshops. Their stability, durability, and versatility make them essential tools in professional bike repair settings. Investing in a high-quality Bench Mount ensures efficiency and precision in bike maintenance and repair services, making them well-suited for professional use.
Can I use a Bicycle Repair Wall Mount for multiple bikes?
Yes, a Bicycle Repair Wall Mount is often designed to accommodate multiple bikes. Some models feature adjustable arms, hooks, or brackets that can be positioned to hold multiple bikes securely. This makes it convenient for households with multiple cyclists or for professional workshops that work on various bikes. Ensure that the wall mount you choose is rated to support the weight of multiple bikes and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage.


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