The trunk bicycle bag seems pretty good. Decent amount of pockets and insulated to store cold food. Enough room to store lunch and a spare shirt. Good enough for my commute to work

The10L bike trunk bag is lightweight but is robust & durable, offering dependable protection against a variety of conditions

Compatible with all bikes. Store tools, taillights, gloves, electronics, and more. A mesh pocket organizes small items like keys. Additional top pocket with strap allows for carrying umbrellas and more, ensuring easy access & organised storage


Bike Saddle Bags | Cycling Rucksack | Bike Saddle Pack

Original price was: £59.Current price is: £39.


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  1. Crafted from polyester and aluminum foil, with a sealed zipper, this bag is water-resistant and durable, maintaining temperature for beverages and food.
  2. Featuring a generous 10L capacity, equipped with a top pocket and strap for added room, accommodating tools, essentials, and more.
  3. Compatible with all bike types.
  4. Tool-free installation for effortless setup.
  • 10L Large Capacity

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Original price was: £59.Current price is: £39.

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Advanced Water-Resistant Construction

Crafted from resilient water-resistant fabric with integrated soft padding, the Bicycle Rack Rear Carrier Bag guarantees optimal safeguarding. Its lightweight build belies its robust durability, offering dependable protection against varied conditions. The inclusion of protective padding augments shock absorption during road riding

Generous 10L Capacity

Store tools, taillights, gloves, electronics, and more. A mesh pocket organizes small items like keys. Additional top pocket with strap allows for carrying umbrellas and more, ensuring easy access and organized storage

Enhanced Safety through Reflective Ingenuity

Strategically integrated reflective straps on the side ensure heightened visibility during nocturnal rides, thereby augmenting cycling safety. A dedicated taillight hook positioned at the rear of the bike carrier bag facilitates the attachment of a taillight (light not included), further elevating nighttime visibility. This meticulously conceived design element serves as an attentive companion for your night cycling endeavors

Conveniently Portable Rear Bike Rack Bag

Equipped with a carrying strap, this bag offers easy transportability, allowing you to take it with you when dismounting your bike. The side-mounted adjustable water bottle holder ensures secure accessibility and prevents spillage during uneven rides. Designed to cater to a range of bikes including regular bicycles, electric bicycles, and commuter bikes, it is particularly well-suited for brief bicycle journeys

Effortless Installation and Positioning

Tool-free assembly. Featuring two convenient magic straps, simply position this bike rear rack bag onto your bike’s rear rack. Adjust the straps to achieve an optimal length and secure tension, effectively preventing any shifting of the rear bike rack bag during your rides

Adaptable Bike Bag

Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Beyond a bike carrier, it serves as a versatile shopping and daily companion. Convertible to a shoulder bag, it enhances safety with reflective elements for nighttime visibility
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What makes the "Bike Saddle Bags" a must-have accessory for cyclists?
“Bike Saddle Bags” offer convenient storage solutions for essential items during rides, ensuring accessibility and practicality for cyclists.
How does the "Cycling Rucksack" differ from traditional backpacks for carrying gear during cycling?
The “Cycling Rucksack” is specifically designed for cycling, providing a comfortable and stable way to carry gear without hindering movement.
Can the "Bike Saddle Pack" accommodate various items for different types of rides?
Yes, “Bike Saddle Packs” come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate essentials for short commutes or longer rides.
Are there waterproof options available for the "Bike Saddle Bags" to protect belongings during rainy rides?
Many “Bike Saddle Bags” are made of waterproof materials or include rain covers to shield belongings from water damage.
How durable are the materials used in the "Cycling Rucksack" for long-term use?
“Cycling Rucksacks” are typically made of robust materials, ensuring durability and longevity, even with frequent use.
Can the "Bike Saddle Pack" be easily attached and detached from the bike?
Yes, they often feature quick-release mechanisms or attachment systems, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting.
What specific storage compartments are available in the "Bike Saddle Bags" for organizing gear?
“Bike Saddle Bags” may have multiple compartments, including pockets for tools, separate sections for clothing, and compartments for electronics.
How does the "Cycling Rucksack" enhance the overall riding experience?
By distributing weight evenly and providing stability, the “Cycling Rucksack” ensures a more comfortable ride for cyclists.
Are there options for insulated compartments in the "Bike Saddle Pack" to keep food or drinks cool during rides?
Some “Bike Saddle Packs” offer insulated compartments or sleeves to maintain the temperature of food and beverages.
Can the "Bike Saddle Bags" be used for both recreational rides and daily commuting?
Absolutely! Their versatility makes them suitable for various purposes, from leisure rides to everyday commuting needs.
How do "Cycling Rucksacks" ensure the safety of belongings during rides?
Many “Cycling Rucksacks” come with secure closure systems and reflective elements to enhance visibility, ensuring both safety and security.
Can the "Bike Saddle Pack" accommodate laptops or electronic devices safely?
Yes, some “Bike Saddle Packs” feature specially designed compartments to securely hold laptops or tablets during rides.
Do "Bike Saddle Bags" come with adjustable straps or mounting systems to fit different bike models?
Yes, many “Bike Saddle Bags” feature adjustable straps or mounting systems to ensure compatibility with various bike designs.
How does the weight distribution of the "Cycling Rucksack" benefit cyclists during longer rides?
The balanced weight distribution of the “Cycling Rucksack” prevents strain on the rider’s back and shoulders during extended rides.
Are there specific "Bike Saddle Packs" designed for specific types of bicycles, like road bikes or mountain bikes?
Yes, some “Bike Saddle Packs” are tailored to fit the design and specifications of different bike types for optimal compatibility.
Can the "Bike Saddle Bags" withstand varying weather conditions, including extreme heat or cold?
Quality “Bike Saddle Bags” are designed to endure a range of weather conditions, ensuring the protection of belongings in different climates.
How does the design of "Cycling Rucksacks" ensure comfort and proper ventilation during rides?
Cycling Rucksacks” often feature ergonomic designs with breathable materials to enhance comfort and airflow during rides.
Are there additional safety features incorporated into "Bike Saddle Packs" for night riding?
Some “Bike Saddle Packs” have reflective elements or attachment points for bike lights to improve visibility during nighttime rides.
Can the "Bike Saddle Bags" be used for storing helmets or other bulky cycling gear?
Yes, some “Bike Saddle Bags” have spacious compartments designed to accommodate helmets and larger gear items.
How does the design of "Cycling Rucksacks" ensure stability and prevent shifting of contents during rides?
“Cycling Rucksacks” often have adjustable straps and secure compartments to keep contents stable and prevent shifting while cycling.
Exploring Bike Saddle Bags: The Perfect Cycling Companion for Every Ride

For cyclists seeking a convenient and efficient way to carry essentials on their rides, Bike Saddle Bags emerge as the ultimate solution. Whether you prefer the functionality of a Cycling Rucksack or the compactness of a Bike Saddle Pack, these saddle bags are a cyclist’s best friend. Let’s dive into the world of Bike Saddle Bags and uncover their benefits for riders of all levels.

Introducing Bike Saddle Bags:

Bike Saddle Bags are compact storage solutions designed to attach under the saddle of a bicycle, offering a convenient way to carry tools, spare tubes, snacks, or personal items during rides. They come in various sizes and styles, catering to different storage needs and preferences.

Benefits of Bike Saddle Bags:

  1. Convenient Storage: Saddle Bags provide easy access to essentials without the need for a bulky backpack, allowing cyclists to keep their belongings close at hand.

  2. Minimal Interference: These bags attach discreetly under the saddle, minimizing interference with the rider’s movement while maintaining the bike’s streamlined profile.

  3. Weather Resistance: Many Saddle Bags are crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials, ensuring protection for items against moisture or light rain.

Exploring Cycling Rucksack Features:

  • Size and Capacity: Cycling Rucksacks vary in size, offering larger storage capacities for cyclists who prefer carrying more items or gear during longer rides.

  • Comfortable Fit: Rucksacks come with adjustable straps and padded back panels for comfort, distributing weight evenly during rides for reduced strain.

  • Organization Options: Many Cycling Rucksacks feature multiple compartments or pockets, allowing for organized storage of items like hydration packs, tools, or electronics.

Choosing the Best Bike Saddle Bag:

Consider these factors when selecting a Bike Saddle Bag, whether it’s a Cycling Rucksack or Bike Saddle Pack:

  1. Storage Needs: Determine the amount of storage required for your rides, considering the essentials you typically carry to ensure the bag meets your needs.

  2. Attachment Mechanism: Check the attachment system to ensure it’s compatible with your bike and offers secure mounting under the saddle.

  3. Design and Durability: Opt for durable materials and a design that suits your riding style while ensuring the bag’s resilience to various weather conditions.


Bike Saddle Bags, whether in the form of a Cycling Rucksack or a Bike Saddle Pack, offer cyclists a practical and efficient way to carry essentials on their rides. These compact storage solutions enhance convenience and accessibility while ensuring riders have the necessities readily available without compromising their cycling experience.


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